Google’s Android is now one the most popular and user friendly operating system among the smart phone users and its popularity is increasing day by day. Android is an operating system for mobile phones powered by Linux OS and is a software platform also. Android was first developed by Google and afterwards by OHA (Open Handset Alliance).

Android is built on Linux OS, it allows programmers to customize code as per choice on JAVA platform. To develop any application for Android, required SKD is provided by Android Manufacturer.

At eComgrowth Web Solutions Pvt Ltd gives you opportunity to hire Android developers hourly, daily, weekly and monthly contract basis, depending on your project requirements and budget. Our team of the developers is well qualified, professional and experienced in developing innovative application for Android. By exploiting the full potential of the Android SDK, our programmer will create an excellent application.

Android developer from eComgrowth Web Solutions assist you in taking advantage of the best features of Android Mobile including Stereo Bluetooth, A2DP Audio, MMS Support and many more. In addition to this, Google Android also supports multiple networks and features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

eComgrowth Web Solutions Android developers technological focus :

Whether you wish to start an Android app development company, or you work for one already and wish to be proficient in your deliveries, or you have some personal projects that require expertise in Android development, there are tips and tricks that can assist you to achieve your purpose.

  • Dedicated Resource available for 8 Hours/ Day, 5 Days/Wee
  • Android’s Application framework
  • Android Dalvik Virtual Machine
  • Data Storage and Retrieval using SQLite
  • Handle Media Support for audio and video
  • XML, web-services
  • GSM, 3G and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Edge
  • GPS, Compass and Accelerometer
  • Work at least 8 hours per day, 5 days a week of development
  • Our developers assess your specific requirement and make analysis
  • Keep in touch with client through various communication
  • Meet your project deadline with error free project
  • Cost effective price
  • Daily/ weekly reporting to client
  • After finalizing project specification Android developers can start ready to work within 24 hours.
  • No start up and maintenance costs

Advantages of hiring your Android Developers

Hiring Android app developers from India will let you get a lot of business benefits like client satisfaction, low-prices and more.There are three main ways to hire an Android developer:

eComgrowth Web Solution in Android Applications:

eComgrowth’s android development services offer best practices in mobile the best web developing alternatives from eComgrowth web solutions alternatives.

  • Communication Application
  • Office Applications
  • Business Applications
  • Entertainment Applications
  • Multimedia Applications
  • Travel Applications
  • Utility Applications
  • Wireless Applications
  • Fun Applications
  • 2D/3D Applications
  • Security Applications
  • Internet Applications